Grind and Seal Tampa

Enhance the natural beauty of your concrete floors, while protecting them from damage and wear and tear.

Grind And Seal Tampa

Grind and Seal is ideal for both Tampa residential homes, commercial spaces and industrial facilities. Our grind and seal can be installed in warehouses, bars, restaurants, retail shops, offices, residential garages, grocery stores and more.

What is Grind and Seal?

Do you dream of beautiful, low-maintenance floors that people will oohhh and ahhh over?

If the answer is yes and you love the look of natural concrete, but you don't want to break the bank with polished concrete, then grind and seal is the choice for you. A concrete grind and seal is an ingenious and affordable way of making old concrete floors look and feel new again.

At Elite Garage Designs we can grind and rejuvenate both new and old concrete floors, as long as the concrete is structurally sound. This process is extraordinarily cost-effective; grinding and sealing an old surface can end up costing a mere fraction of the cost of a new floor, with a very similar result.

Grind And Seal In Tampa
Grind And Seal Tampa benefits

Exceptional quality, personal and professional installations.



Our clear coatings are designed to stand up to chipping, scratching and other types of damage. While preventing liquids from penetrating, damaging or staining your concrete.
As our concrete sealers penetrate the concrete surface, they wear away only when the substrate surface wears away, between 5-10 years depending on how heavy the traffic is.


Concrete Dusting

Concrete is a porous surface, which can release fine dust when wear and tear or damage appears. This fine concrete dusting can be harmful for people's health and delicate equipment. Grind and seal prevent this by removing the top layer of the concrete and sealing it with penetrating sealer, that prevents concrete floor wear and tear.


Water tight

The most common places we find untreated concrete is entryways, garages, entryways and basements. What they all have in common is the constant access to water.
Concrete sealers are water tight, preventing water from soaking into the concrete and damaging it. It also prevents concrete joints corrosion caused by water.


Easy to clean

Sealed concrete won't harbor any dirt, dust or allergens. It also resists the marking of heavy equipment and staining from oils and chemical spills. Cleaning your Tampa sealed concrete floors will require only a stiff bristle brush with some light detergent and a rinse.


Budget Friendly

Sealing your concrete and preventing a wear and tear is can save you tons of money from having to repair or replace your concrete floors. Installing and maintaining grind and seal floor are relatively cheaper than installing and maintaining polished concrete floors.



Concrete flooring is trendy and chic  due to its amazing look and myriad of aesthetic options. It has a minimalistic, industrial feel/vibe. The clean, modern and simple surface looks great in any of Tampa's residential, commercial or industrial space.

Concrete Grinding On A Tampa Garage Floor

After your concrete has been ground back to a point where it is smooth and level, we apply a UV stable concrete sealer, that is designed to protect your concrete floors from damage and wear and tear and give it a distinctive look.

We offer three different grind and seal finishes, that can make an extraordinary impact on appearance and durability. You can choose between:

  • Matte finish: Perfect for industrial environments and spaces that want a more raw and natural look. Matte finish will hide imperfections in the concrete and will not show up dirt as quickly as on other surfaces.
  • Semi-gloss finish: A great midpoint option for your rejuvenated concrete surfaces, if high gloss finish isn't quite the right option and you are looking for something a bit more luxe-looking than matte.
  • High gloss finish: Sleek and shiny, a high gloss finish can brighten up a room. With this finish, the concrete repairs will be more visible, which can add an extra charm to the floor.

Grind and Seal Floor installation?

As the name implies, the grind and seal process can be broken down into two distinct phases: grinding and sealing.

In the first stage, the concrete substrate is ground back, removing the top, aged layer of the concrete floor, leaving a surface that looks bright and new. We use a variety of specialty grinders for this process. Once the concrete is ground, we repair all cracks and holes.

Tampa Grind And Seal Concrete Floor

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